Navigating the Holidays as a Co-Parent During COVID-19

The holidays are always a tough time for co-parents and their children. This is especially emphasized this season by the existence of COVID-19. Inevitably, this pandemic has altered the daily lives of many individuals and families throughout the country. Each state has varying restrictions that affect everyone differently. Unfortunately, it has also affected custody agreements, visitation schedules, and complicated co-parenting in general. This is why having a plan in place for the holidays is of the utmost importance.

There can be a lot of variables that can affect your plan for the holidays. Some issues may revolve around the geographical distance between the parents, or if the child has to be transported across state lines. One parent may live in a COVID-19 hotspot, while the other is an area that has remained largely unaffected by the pandemic. Or, even worse, perhaps one parent is showing symptoms or has had the virus, so there is concern over infecting a family member. Regardless of the situation, there is a correct way to approach the holidays as a co-parent.

Creating a plan and maintaining open lines of communication between you and the other parent will help create consistency for your children and greatly reduce the chance of conflict. As always, communication should be open and transparent to foster harmony during the holiday season. To avoid trouble during the holidays, create a schedule and share it with everyone involved. All gatherings and visits can be included in the list, along with which parent will care for the children during those times. Solidifying a schedule for your co-parenting in advance will help make the time surrounding the holidays more smooth and less stressful.

Understand that the holidays can already be a difficult time for co-parents, and the added existence of COVID-19 only makes things harder. That is why it is important to think of your child first. You and your co-parent should work together to create a new "normal" that is both healthy for the two of you and your child. When the effort is put in to create harmony, you will be in the best position possible to ensure the creation of happy and healthy holiday memories.

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