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Why Do You Need a Naples Car Accident Attorney?

Inclement weather, drinking and driving or mobile phone use behind the wheel are some of the top causes of auto accidents. A majority of car negligence cases in Southwest Florida can be associated with distracted driving by adolescent motorists due to texting.

In such a situation, immediately contact a Naples car accident attorney.

Types of car accidents

Traffic collisions, no matter in which form they happen, are a source of pain and suffering. Some may be minor motorcycle accidents where you get out without a single scratch to your body. For unfortunate individuals, they can result in severe injuries and high medical expenses.

Many crash situations seem immediately dangerous, with visible injuries, pain, broken bones and inflammation. However, some auto accidents and the involvement of specific types of vehicles can cause delayed injury symptoms. Some examples are whiplash injuries, which may appear several hours or days after the initial trauma. Besides, Late Whiplash Syndrome may develop after many years.

Hence, you should seek the needed medical help when you see the first sign of injury. Likewise, contact a competent Naples car accident attorney in Southwest Florida to represent you and recover the damages.

Our Naples car accident lawyers are adept at handling all types of automobile accidents, including:

Head-on collisions

When two motor vehicles coming in the opposite directions strike each other, it is a head-on collision. These situations can occur when one of the drivers veers into oncoming traffic. They may do so intentionally, or it can happen due to negligence, intoxication, drowsiness or fatigue. These types of accidents can be hazardous and sometimes fatal.

T-bone crashes

T-bone crashes or broadside collisions are the accidents where the sides of one or more vehicles get impacted. They can occur in the parking lots, at intersections or on multi-lane roads. Defective motor vehicle, broken steering, bad brakes, distracted or rash driving and other causes may result in fatal T-bone crashes.

Especially when the other driver is being negligent, you may sustain significant injuries. For this reason, you will need your Naples car accident attorney to protect your rights in a court trial and recover the damages.

Rollover accidents

Rollover accidents are dangerous and problematic crash incidents that have a high fatality rate. Rollovers may involve passenger car crashes, SUV, pickup, truck and van accidents. Rollovers with larger vehicles like trucks are more common, while multi-vehicle incidents are rare.

When the driver or passengers do not wear their safety belts, there may be severe injuries or even death. The leading causes for these particularly violent accidents are inclement weather conditions like rain or sleet, bad roads, risky maneuvers, loss of control of the vehicle and distracted driving.

Rear-end collisions

You may have heard the phrase "fender-bender," which is a rear-end crash. These accidents can be minor yet cause severe back and neck injuries. The whiplash injuries mentioned above are results of a rear-end collision.

Here, the driver and passengers get their heads thrown forward in a forcible, whipping motion before coming back to rest. This excessive force causes a sudden adrenaline rush. This excess secretion masks the collision's effects, i.e., pain, for some time. Even if you get rear-ended in a parking lot, several car and truck accidents can lead to latent injuries if left untreated.

Florida Statute of Limitations

In Florida, there is a four-year deadline to file a personal injury claim. For this reason, you must start the process as soon as possible to avoid this time limit.

Besides, if the car accident results in death, the deceased person's kin has up to two years after the date to pursue a claim. Even if you show delayed injury symptoms, you should connect it to the car crash. You need to submit valid evidence to substantiate the claim.

So, choosing an established law firm to fight for your rights is exceptionally crucial. A knowledgeable Naples car accident attorney that is well-versed in the Florida laws can help you get what you deserve.

Automobile negligence

Automobile negligence is among the major causes of several motor vehicle accident cases. By definition, it is the inability to drive safely and in an acceptable manner. It could be distracted driving, where you take your eyes off the highway or incorrectly handle the steering wheel.

Failure to drive in a prudent manner will constitute careless driving. Going above the speed limit, not following the traffic regulations, jumping lanes, etc. can put your and other road users' lives or property in danger.

Minor violations of the law often lead to suspension of the driver's license— a car crash injury case involving reckless driving charges and death of someone results in considerable jail time.

Comparative negligence law in Florida

Both parties involved in an automobile accident may be partially at fault. For instance, someone may merge into your lane and crashes with your vehicle. If you were speeding, you would also be liable for the accident.

In any given case, both drivers can be anywhere between 1-99% at fault. Based upon the degree you are reckless, insurance providers determine comparative negligence.

Experienced car accident attorneys in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida can help you prove the other party's negligence and get you maximum claim compensation.

DUI in Florida

Most rear-end collisions happen due to automobile negligence and drunk driving, in particular. It is illegal to operate your car or any other vehicle in Florida when you are drunk.

The accepted BAC levels (blood alcohol concentration) for a private car driver is 0.08%. Anything beyond that is considered intoxication. Furthermore, drivers under the age of 21 that have any alcohol content in their system will face DUI (driving under the influence) charges.

Car accident injuries and damages, you can recover

The common types of auto accident injuries are:

  • Neck pain
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries

The severity of your injuries may influence the compensation you receive in the trial. The more intense your injuries, the higher damages you may recover.

Future medical care

You may need immediate and long-term medical intervention, which are incredibly massive concerns. For instance, the accident may result in permanent disability or diminished quality of life due to reduced functionality. So, you may claim for current and future medical expenses.

Lost wages

Your injuries may leave you incapacitated to attend your job for the time being, which results in loss of wages. Sometimes, these injuries are not readily apparent but affect your work indirectly. When you stay for an extended time away from your official duties, you can file a claim to recover lost wages.

Emotional distress

Emotional pain and suffering also accompany the physical trauma after your car accident. It is non-economic damage that your personal injury lawyer can include in the claim, depending on the case specifics. Particularly when you can prove that the other party has been negligent, you are more likely to recover damages for your emotional suffering.

Wrongful death

In a car crash, due to a driver's negligence, someone may die. In such a case, the deceased person's representative, typically a surviving family member, can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida. The victim's family can claim damages by filing the claim within two years since death.

Other compensation you can receive are:

  • Vehicle damage expenses
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Rehabilitation costs

You can recover the losses from the other driver, their insurance company or your insurer. But often, insurance companies may fail to take the right steps in investigating your claim. Some may even offer you low-ball settlements that fairly diminish your damages. As your Naples car accident attorney, we leave no stone unturned to help you recover the compensation you rightly deserve.

Steps to take when in a Naples car accident

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention without delay. Even if you see no blood or feel pain, there may be some invisible injuries you must attend to immediately. Take an ambulance and get the fastest medical care possible.

Find a Naples car accident attorney to represent you in the court or negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. But do not share information about the accident with anyone other than the police or your legal team.

Contact a personal injury lawyer that can act in your interest. Document your medical reports, bills, and pictures of the injuries sustained.

If you can get some photographs of the accident site and the vehicles involved, do so. Or, the car accident attorneys you appoint can do it for you. We also speak to the witnesses at the scene of the car wreck.

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