Admiralty and Maritime Laws

Any injuries or insurance claims that are processed for boating accidents, work accidents or cruise ship illnesses will be completed through a jurisdiction of U.S. law that covers admiralty and maritime legal processes. This division of the legal system includes personal injury lawsuits and property claims against an employer or establishment.

The type of boat that is involved in a personal injury claim is an important settlement factor. There are rules and regulations that need to be followed, when a vacationer is operating a small personal water craft. Specific regulations apply to the sea waters that are closer to shore. A boat that moves beyond the shore line is subject to open water laws, and these regulations are specific to open waters that have other jurisdictions. There can be international waterway rules that apply.

Defective marine products are often the subject of personal injury claims against a manufacturer's insurance carrier. Marine insurance disputes are common and are usually settled before a claim reaches a court room. An attorney who works with admiralty and maritime law works with a manufacturer's insurance carrier and uses compensation practices that are similar to any type of insurance claim. Maritime workers who work on offshore oil rigs are covered under personal injury rules that are similar to other mining workers. Commercial fishermen have insurance claims as well. An attorney negotiates with a worker's employer and an employer's worker's compensation department to settle an injury claim that has occurred on a job. Harbor and dock employees are maritime workers, also.

Personal injury claims are often settled through an employment compensation insurance carrier. An employment settlement is far reaching, in that it is a final dispute resolution decision and cannot be altered later on. An employee can decide to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages and any property damage that may have occurred.


Admiralty and maritime laws are used for vacationers or workers who have accidents while boating, working on the open seas or visiting a coastal jurisdiction for other reasons. Most admiralty claims are settled out of court as personal injury claims against an employer's worker's compensation coverage or against an establishment's property insurance coverage. Boating collisions are similar to auto accident claims.

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