How to Find The Right Lawyer

I know lawyers have a bad reputation because everyone thinks we have huge egos and are very expensive. Okay, you may be right to a point, but we're not all created equal. Please hear me out. I believe that the right lawyer is out there, charges a fair price and does exceptional work for you. Here are my thoughts on finding and choosing the right lawyer for you.

1. Ask for a referral from your trusted friends, family, or other professionals you know and trust. Whether you know what type of lawyer you need, or not, just getting on the phone with an attorney is a great start. Reason being, we know other lawyers in other practice areas and we may have a referral for you. I send work out all the time to other attorneys I know, like and trust.

2. If you are not comfortable asking your network, then the internet is a great way to find lawyers. Search through your social networks and be sure to check out testimonials and do some research on each potential lawyer.

3. I suggest getting a consultation from at least three (3) attorneys and make notes on who they are, what they suggest as a strategy for you, and what they would charge as their fee for the work they would be performing. I find that so many people have no idea about what the price quoted actually includes and many folks are treated like their at a fast food joint, by having "add-ons" added only after their sitting in the lawyer's office. We call this "unbundling" of services and I completely disagree with it as a practice, but it happens in bankruptcy and many other practice areas, so buyer beware.

The right lawyer will be someone you're comfortable with and who listens to your personal concerns and answers your questions. The right lawyer has positive reviews and welcomes feedback. They won't be the cheapest attorney, but their prices are right for the work they are hired to do and who have the highest level of integrity with honoring their agreement for work with you. A lawyer's reputation in their community speaks volumes as to their work ethic. Also look to the organizations in which the attorney participates; Do they serve on a board for an organization? Community service is a sign of generosity.

Lastly, be sure to check your lawyer for any disciplinary action taken by checking your local state bar association to be sure (1) they are currently licensed to practice in your state; and (2) they have not been disciplined for any wrongful acts.