Property Damage Caused by Hail

There's a common saying that if someone does not like the typical weather in Texas, all they have to do is wait five minutes for it to change. This is definitely true between fall and summer every year, where the DFW Metroplex is hammered with rain, winds, ice, hail, and tornadoes. On top of causing dangers to motorists, adverse weather conditions can cause big and expensive property damage to vehicles and houses.

Damage caused by hail can potentially cost thousands of dollars due to the fact that the majority of houses in Texas have roofs made from asphalt, in comparison to more solid materials such as slate or tile. Many homeowners' insurance policies cover damage made by hail, and in the majority of cases you may even be able to arrange for compensation for the repairs with minimum complications. However, with personal injury claims it is important to remember the fact that insurance companies are large corporations that make their revenue from rejecting claims. It may be time to consult with a personal injury attorney if you feel your insurance company is not treating you fairly by rejecting or delaying your payments.

Dealing with Unfair Insurance Companies

There are several occasions where insurance companies refuse to pay a full amount due to the fact that the cost of repairing a roof was significant. Also, there may be certain reasons that this may be the case, such as an insurance adjuster missing or overlooking an important piece of information that affects the pay-out amount.

If you believe you have identified the problem, then contacting the insurance adjuster can be a quick and easy way of fixing the problem.

Different Information

Similarly, an insurance adjuster and the contractor may have differing information of the same area affected by hail. A good step to take is to compare both the contractor's and insurance adjuster's assessments to ensure that the same damage is being assessed (and repaired). If the assessment report of the insurance adjuster is not detailed, you can request a re-inspection so the adjuster can take another look at the damage and make another evaluation.

If the insurance adjuster and the contractor who will be doing the repair have different values of the repair, then you can get a different quote by different roof repair or construction companies. If the requested quotes return for a higher amount than the insurance adjuster at first estimated, there may be a possibility for you to obtain a supplementary payment from your insurance company.

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