I-130: Petition for Alien Relative

Form I-130 is a Petition that allows a US citizen or permanent resident to sponsor an immediate relative (the beneficiary) residing in another country. This form does not require an attorney, however, this process may take many years as an open visa number is required, and these are limiited to a certain number per year. Hiring a qualified immigration lawyer is highly recommended to expedite the process, and increase the chances of success.

Tips for Filing the I-130

  • 1. A Separate I-130 must be filed for every hopeful beneficiary
  • 2. The beneficiary cannot reside in the US during the filing process, unless another means of entry is obtained
  • 3. A priority date is established by filing an I-130. The beneficiary must wait until an open visa number is available; This may take several years.
  • 4. Only immediate family members are eligible beneficiaries

Filing Fee: $355

Download I-130 Instructions | Download Form I-130

I-130 at USCIS

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