Application for Naturalization - Form and Process

The N-400 form is the first step required to begin the process of naturalization. In order to prevent any problems during the process resulting from this from, follow the guidelines below to ensure a timely processing:

  1. Do Not Omit any Required Information. The form will not be accepted unless completed, additionally, any intentional omissions can later be viewed as an attempt to deceive an immigration officer, which can be used as a grounds for denial of citizenship.
  2. Include all required documents and payment check in a large envelope with the form when sending.
  3. Ensure the applicant (if male) has registered for selective service between the ages of 19 and 26. If not, this may also be used to deny application.
  4. If the applicant has any criminal charges in the five years prior to applying, it is likely that the application will be denied. It is advised to wait until five years has passed, or seek assistance from an Immigration Lawyer.

Filing Fee: $575

Biometrics Fee: $80

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USCIS N-400 Resources

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