Application for EAD - Form I-765

In order for an immigrant residing in the US to obtain employment legally, he or she will have to receive and Employment Authorization Document (EAD). To begin the process, form I-765 must be filled out and filed with the USCIS.

Filing Fees

The USCIS fee for processing is $340, but there are certain exceptions for the following applicants:

  • Refugess and those under political asylum
  • Anyone currently applying for asylum
  • Those with deferred enforced departure
  • Those who have been granted withholding of deportation
  • Citizens of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, or Palau

In the above situations, the filing fee will be waived.

Documents to Include with Application

  • Two color photographs of applicant taken within 30 days of filing
  • Expired EAD (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Federally Issued Identity Document

Process and Time Frame Once Filed

Once the I-765 has been processed, the applicant will receive an appointment date for electronic fingerprinting. Typically, if form has been filled out completely and correctly, and all suporting documents are verified, the biometrics (fingerprinting) date should be recieved within 30 days.

Download Form I-765 Instructions | Download Form I-765

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