Obtaining Naturalized U.S. Citizenship

The process of naturalization is available to lawful permanent residents who have held their permanent resident status for five years or more. If you are not a permanent resident, please learn more on obtaining green cards. There are several requirements of applicants in order to perfect the process of naturalization. If that person is married to a US citizen for three years or more, that person may be eligible to apply in three years rather than five. For the latter, you must be married at the time of application and throughout the process. The process begins by first obtaining N 400 form.

In addition, you must be present in the US for at least one-half of the 5-year requirement. The applicant must reside continuously in the US from the date of the petition to the time of admission to citizenship. You can't be absent from the US for more than one year during the period where continuous residence is required. You also must be a resident in the state where the petition is filed for at least three months.

In order to naturalize, you must be a person of good moral character. You must be attached to the principles of the Constitution and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the US. You must also demonstrate an elementary understanding of the English language and understand some basic US history and government function.

You can be barred if you are in deportation or have any order of deportation pending against you, or if you applied for and received relief from Selective Service based upon your alienage. You can't be a deserter, or a subversive, and generally you can't be a communist. As you can see, there are several requirements that you must be careful of to naturalize.

If you are interested in applying for naturalization to obtain US citizenship, contact Attorney Evan D. Frankel. I can help you. Know your rights.

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