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Many people all over the world dream of becoming U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents (Green Card citizenship) but that dream can quickly become a nightmare if the individual does not have appropriate and experienced immigration help that understands the laws and procedures for petitioning the U.S. government for an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa. Because of the tightening of immigration laws and the close scrutiny of visitors and immigrants alike, that dream is hard to realize for most people.

The immigration process and the laws governing the procedures in place are lengthy and complex. That is why it is so important to have an experienced immigration attorney on your side. An immigration attorney can help you understand the laws that dictate immigration policy.

An Immigration attorney can help you with any of the following aspects of immigration law:

  • Interpreting immigration law text and application
  • File all required immigration forms and documentation
  • Immigration Court Proceedings (Removal Proceedings)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) petitions
  • Family petitions and Employment sponsored visas
  • Labor Certification
  • Petition for naturalization (citizenship), state residency, permanent residency (green card), Visas, etc.

Some of the petitions and visas available to immigrants and visitors include:

  • Athletes, amateur & professional (B-1)
  • Au pairs/exchange visitor/professor/scholar/teacher (J)
  • Australian professional specialty (E-3)
  • Border Crossing Card - Mexico (BCC)
  • Business visitors or Domestic employees/nanny (B-1)
  • Employees of a designated international organization/NATO (G1-G5)
  • Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S. (A-2)
  • Extraordinary ability in Sciences/Arts/Education/Business/Athletics (O)
  • Performing athletes, artists, entertainers (P)
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professionals (H-1B1)
  • NAFTA professionals (TN/TD)
  • International cultural exchange visitors (Q)
  • Intra-company transferees (L)
  • Medical treatment visitors (B-2)
  • Religious workers (R)
  • Physician/highly specialized occupations (J, H-1B)
  • Nurses (H1-C)
  • Temporary agricultural workers ( H-2A)
  • Temporary workers (H-2B)

An immigration attorney can walk you through the complicated naturalization process, interpret immigration law, file the appropriate petitions, and review your required documentation to make sure that your request for citizenship or permanent residency (green card) has the best chance of being approved.

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