Facts About Green Cards

Immigration law determines that status of non-U.S. citizens, states their legal rights and duties and determines how long the alien can stay in the country. While obtaining authorization for permanent residency is rather difficult, there are certain circumstances under which immigration law permits certain aliens to become naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship in the United States.

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Green Card

How to get a green card? One possibility that grants aliens to permanently reside in the United States is the so- called Green Card which is done through the Green Card program. A Green Card USA is a permanent residence visa, which will be issued for life. The United States government allows people from eligible countries to participate in the Diversity Lottery Green Card every year and then grants 50,000 Green Card Lottery winners a permanent residency.

Once the Green Card is obtained, that person may legally live and work in the United States for an infinite period of time. At the same time, Green Cards also allow the person to apply for government jobs. If desired, a Green Card winner include getting a spouse green card, may also apply for US citizenship along with a US passport at a later point and keep the current citizenship until the decision is made.

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According to INA records, an alien is any person who is not a citizen or a national fo the United States. There are several categories of aliens which are all governed by their own laws and regulations. Immigration is taken very seriously, especially in times where safety is a core priority of every country.

For this reason, it is important to understand exactly which category you as an alien belong to and which laws and regulations apply.

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Did You Know?

Green Card winners will be notified automatically

Once the application for the Green Card Lottery has been received it will be check for any possible mistakes. If the applicant then submits all necessary documents within the given and strictly enforced deadline it will take a couple of months until the drawing is complete. Winners will then be automatically notified and all necessary steps in order to take on the U.S. citizenship will be arranged by the government.

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