Current State of Immigration

Immigration is an ongoing process that increases the population of the United States from year to year. It also adds to the country's workforce. It is illegal for companies or independent contractors to hire or employ any illegal immigrants that emigrate to the country via illegal processes. The United States accepts the most legal immigrants as permanent residents of the country out of all the countries across the globe. Immigrants total more than 38 million in the United States.

From 1990 to the year 2000, there was a 57.4 percent increase in immigration population within the United States per the US Census. North Carolina has the highest percentage change of foreign born population since 1990 and is followed by Georgia, Nevada, Arkansas and Utah. The state with the lowest percentage of change in foreign born population since 1990 is Maine. The state of Maine has had a 1.1 percent increase since 1990. The jump is larger to the second lowest. Montana has a 19 percent increase since 1990.

The current state of immigration in the United States has affected the country's demographics in a positive way. The growth of the country's population has escalated since 1990 and is expected to reach 397 million by 2050 per the Census Bureau. The United States is suffering through a low birth-rate currently and if it weren't for immigration, the United States population would begin to decline instead of increase. If immigration is outlawed, the United States population will only reach 328 million by 2050 because of the low birth-rate.

Right now, the United States has strict laws on foreign immigration, despite an open-door policy. The U.S. has placed restrictions on how many people per year can legally enter the country as permanent residents. There is a need for immigration reform in the United States so the country's population continues to grow at a steady rate and not begin to reduce over the next 30 years.

Current Reforms

A task force was formed in 2008, the Independent Task Force on Immigration and America's Future, and is headed up by former Michigan senator Spencer Abraham and former congressman Lee Hamilton of Indiana. The task force has been formed to determine how the United States government should reform immigration to make it an easier process for the people involved and for the country itself.

One of the main problems within the country's immigration system is the large number of temporary visas that are involved with the guestworker program. Immigrants can obtain a legal visa to work within the country

This is one of the provisions provided by the task force for reforming immigration:

"Simplify and redesign the immigration system by drastically reducing the number of visa classifications and by establishing a new provisional visa category providing legal employment for workers at all skill levels. Provisional visas would bridge the false divide between temporary and permanent immigration and eliminate the need for a large guestworker program."

Affects of Reform

If the task force's findings and suggestions are put into effect by the United States government then the country's guestworker program will be done away with and immigrants who want to work here will have to apply for permanent residency. That means immigrants who only want to work in the country and still be able to return to their home country will not be able to do that. Many guestworker immigrants will need to acquire a permanent residency visa to live in the country or try to apply for green card, and will need a lawyer to do so.

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