Getting Through Your Divorce Quickly And Hassle-Free

"My divorce process took longer than my entire marriage!" Have you ever heard other people complaining about this? Some may even testify that the entire process took them years, and it's a painful and difficult process that two people have to get through. The good thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. With minimal assets, there are various options on how you can streamline the entire divorce process and get it through as quickly as possible. One of the simplest and best options is through summary dissolution. This process is similar to a divorce but may have benefits that the divorce process does not have. It is notably faster and easier to process and no judge appearance is needed.

By developing a strategy early in the divorce, such as doing a summary dissolution, you will feel much more comfortable transitioning and dealing with the unknown. You will have a much higher chance of turning this chapter of your life into a new one with a better, stronger, and more version. healthy about yourself. It doesn't mean your strategy won't change over the course of your divorce.

Stop delaying and take action

The stress of staying in a marriage that is not working and delaying your divorce can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. Research has shown that couples suffering from marital stress are more likely to experience psychiatric disorders, and marital stress has also been shown to increase the risk of heart problems.

You and your ex-spouse should meet these 9 criteria to qualify for summary dissolution:

  • Marriage isn't more than 5 years. Technically, your marriage starts from the day of your wedding, until your separation.
  • Couples filing for summary dissolution should have no kids during and/or before the marriage. This includes kids that you've had together or adopted even before or during the marriage.
  • Either of the two doesn't own any building or land.
  • Doesn't rent on any property, with the exception of the home you're residing in.
  • Has a total amount of debt acquired during the wedding that doesn't exceed $6,000. This is often referred to as community obligations.
  • Often referred to as community property, both parties shouldn't have any properties that exceed $45,000 worth.
  • Each party shouldn't have a property exceeding $45,000.
  • Both parties agree that either one of them will receive spousal support.
  • A signed agreement stating that both are willing to divide debts and properties. (with a few exceptions).

We view divorce as an event. As if one day you announced: "I am divorced" and the next day your marriage ends. The truth is that it is a journey. It is a process. It is a method by which to get out of your marriage and re-prioritize your relationships, especially your relationship with yourself. Sometimes there is still love. Sometimes the love that once was is long gone. Ending a marriage goes beyond signing divorce papers. And divorce is not the end of a family, it is a reorganization.

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