How to Find the Right Attorney

There will come a time in everyone's life when they are faced with a situation that they cannot handle on their own. This may be a divorce, starting a new business or even making out a will. In addition, situations such as lawsuits, accidents and changing the legal designation of a business require the help of a skilled attorney. How do you find the perfect attorney for your needs? There are a number of different methods available to help you find the legal assistance you need.

Online Resources

A number of online legal directories offer you information about attorneys in your area. You'll find national directories, as well as regional and local directories. These are usually setup by state and then by attorney specialty. For instance, DUI attorneys will be listed separately from family law attorneys. These websites can be an excellent way to garner vital information about several different attorneys and usually include a link to the attorney's website, as well as contact information, such as the phone number of the law office.

These resources are an excellent way to learn about an attorney's experience, level of expertise and what they can offer you. Using these can certainly help you locate the right attorney for your case.


Another method of locating the right attorney is to ask people that you know. This can include family members, friends and even coworkers. However, be cautious in your questioning. If you do not wish others to know of the situation in which you find yourself, be discrete when asking about attorney information. The best advice is to simply ask someone who has been in the same situation that you find yourself in; this will help you gain vital legal assistance, as well as ensure that the person providing the information understands the need for discretion.

The Phonebook and Websites

Both the local phonebook and attorney websites (found through search engines) can provide you with access to attorneys. However, the drawback to using this method is that the information available about the attorney is often limited. For instance, phonebook ads usually contain very little real information, beyond the specialty of the attorney and the contact information. Websites often offer more information than this, though even these are sometimes limited in their scope.

Personal Meetings

Regardless of where you find the name and contact information of an attorney, a personal consultation is vital to making the right decision. Only by meeting with the attorney and discussing your needs can you measure the attorney's experience and expertise. In addition, this will help ensure the proper mesh between the attorney's personality and style and your own needs. Never hire an attorney without speaking with them in-depth about your case, the ramifications of winning and losing and how the attorney plans to represent you in court.