Where Can You Find an Attorney?

Finding an attorney is a simple job. There are a variety of places you can go to search for an attorney. But when you are looking for the best attorney for your case – and you should be looking for the best – you need to make sure that you evaluate all your sources for credibility and effectiveness. Here are some of the places you can find an attorney to fit your needs (in order from most to least reliable):

Friends and Family

Easily the best source for finding a defense attorney is a referral. This is an endorsement from someone you trust – either a family member, a friend, or a trusted associate or acquaintance. The review is automatically a credible one, and you are able to ask all the necessary questions to evaluate the lawyer based on the experience of the person you know. This is also called "word of mouth marketing" and is considered to be the strongest form of marketing for any business.

Internet Reviews

Again, the word of mouth aspect comes into play here. A reliable attorney will have reviews posted on the internet somewhere for people to evaluate. These can be in the form of case studies or testimonials on their own web site, or third-party web sites that offer reviews of law firms. However, when perusing these reviews, consider the source. Often, a company may purchase a web site and make it look like a third-party review site for the purposes of credibility. Find sites that offer reviews of multiple firms for the best results.

Commercials and Advertisements

The last place you might look is advertisements, such as phone books or television commercials. These are highly unreliable, as you cannot evaluate the success of the firm, and you are simply taking the firm at its word. An attorney with a television commercial runs a strong likelihood that its purpose is to end your case quickly without defending you properly.