The Types of Law Firms

There is really no such thing as a good "generic" lawyer. When you need legal representation, your best bet is to find a law firm that works with the kind of case that you need defended. There are varying types of law firms for you to choose from. Pay attention to the types of cases that the firm you are considering has experience in defending. The firm may advertise themselves as being experienced in a variety of cases, and they may have lawyers with different specialties. Here are a few types of law specialties that a law firm may focus on:

Criminal law.

A larger firm may specialize in dealing with serious criminal charges. These are the most serious of firms and the tallest order when needing a capable law firm to defend you. Do your research when trying to find a firm that can defend you in criminal law.

DUI/DWI law.

Some firms specialize in laws pertaining to DUI (or "driving under the influence") or DWI (or "driving while intoxicated"). In both cases, these lawyers deal with those charged with operating a vehicle while their coherence was compromised by drugs or alcohol. This is another serious crime, and a law firm that has experience in this case will know the subtleties of your state's drunk driving laws – this knowledge can help you obtain a reduction or elimination of your charges.

White collar crime.

These firms focus on corporate crime, such as embezzlement and fraud. Again, this is another complicated and specific form of law, and it is necessary to find experienced lawyers that can competently defend you in court.

Class action law.

Typically the lower rung of the legal ladder, these firms focus on gathering victims of a defective product or service and filing a group lawsuit on behalf of the victims targeting the company responsible.