Secrets of Hiring a Lawyer

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There are numerous articles on how to choose a good lawyer. And, frankly, much of what authors try to pass as new and insightful information really isn't that new or insightful.

Here, then, are some things to inquire about when hiring an attorney.

1. Where did he/she go to law school?

Not all law schools are created equal. There are a lot of law schools and some are good and some are not good. The standard resource for law school rankings is U.S. News & World Report. It's a good idea to check and see where the attorney you are considering to represent you went to law school. There are several tiers of law schools, so look for an attorney who went to a top-tier law school.

2. What previous experience does the attorney have?

So much of law has a government connection. Criminal law involves being prosecuted by a government attorney; bankruptcy involves a government trustee; and many administrative agencies play a big part in the law - including Driver's Services, Labor Departments, Social Services, etc. It usually makes sense to have an attorney who has worked, at some time, for the government. It's much easier to navigate, understand and be effective when dealing with a bureaucracy when you have worked for one.

3. Is my lawyer personable?

So much of the practice of law involves negotiations. Therefore you want a lawyer who knows how to handle people. The ultra-aggressive attorney on T.V. or in the movies has a place. But often these attorneys are not well-liked and their clients tend to not get the best deals.

Let these 3 simple "secrets" guide your decision on which lawyer to hire and you'll be happy you did!