Cant reach Your Texas Lawyer? What to do:

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I have had many a Texan call my office complaining that she cannot reach her own Texas Lawyer. Under the ethics code, I as a lawyer most likely should not talk to this caller as she already has a lawyer. If you are in this position, that you cannot get a hold of your lawyer, I advise that you do the following: first, of course, call and leave a message. Do not simply just call and hang up. If you do not have your lawyer's number, you can try calling the court where your case is pending, assuming there is one. The court should have your lawyer's office number. If this is not an option, use the website listed below. After trying this call method at least twice, write a certified letter to your lawyer with your name, birthday, case number, and contact information. Tell your lawyer that you need to get a case update. You can get your letter certified at any post office. The certification will assure that you are informed that the letter was left. It will also give notice to your lawyer that you mean business and you have a paper trail to prove your efforts. If you do not have your lawyer's address, then go to where all Texas lawyer addresses should be listed. If you have no luck, contact the Texas bar at the same website and ask if the Bar can help you find your lawyer. It is a Texas Lawyer's legal obligation to return calls and contact from clients within a reasonable period of time. Feel free to call Cook & Cook at (210) 271-2800 with follow up questions.