Federal gun charges

Federal firearm crimes are very serious, and a person found guilty of a firearms crime will face long-term consequences, like jail time and heavy fines. Their conviction will show up on background checks which will limit their opportunities. Dobson Law Firm understands the repercussions of federal gun charges, and we are here to communicate, inform, and help you.

The United States Code defines a firearm as a weapon that uses explosive action to expel a projectile. The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), which regulates firearms at the federal level, requires that citizens and legal residents must be at least 18 years of age to purchase shotguns or rifles and ammunition. All other firearms — handguns, for example — can only be sold to people 21 and older.

These are the main offenses of Federal Gun Charges in the United States and in North Carolina:

Obtaining firearms illegally

Federal law requires you to follow a number of steps prior to owning a gun. If you purchase your gun through a gun shop, you must pass background checks and your gun must be stamped with a serial number that can be traced to who purchased the gun through a gun owner registry.

Carrying a firearm in connection with certain crimes

If you have a firearm on your person when completing a drug transaction, engaging in a violent crime, or certain other offenses, this could lead to more serious charges. Dobson Law Firm can help if you need a consultation with regard to where and when you can carry a gun. We can also help in cases in which you have been charged with possession in connection to a crime.

Gun trafficking

Gun trafficking refers to the diversion of guns from lawful commerce into the illegal market. In the context of firearms trafficking, the person or entity acting as an intermediary, bringing together relevant parties and arranging or facilitating a potential transaction in return for financial or other benefit is still liable.

Unlawful possession

Federal law prohibits certain people from possessing firearms, including but not limited to:

      • Convicted felons
      • People with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions
      • Those who have a domestic restraining order (involving an intimate partner or child) out against them
      • People with substance abuse problems
      • Undocumented immigrants and people here on nonimmigrant visas
      • Fugitives from justice
      • Ex-military members who were dishonorably discharged

This is a lot of information to interpret. Dobson Law Firm is here to help you navigate through all of the gun laws, both federal and statewide. Give us a call at 919-591-2240 for a free consult

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