Marriage in Virginia

Before you get ready to get married in Virginia, you must first apply and then get your marriage license. This is essential to allow you to get married and it is required by law. As a general rule, this license needs to be obtained at least thirty days before your wedding ceremony and a couple of official documents are needed to be able to apply for this. If the information that you fill in is incorrect, then you can face court proceedings, and are therefore advised to make sure you know all of the right information prior to applying for your marriage certificate.

Documents needed for Marriage License:

Normally, to be able to get a marriage license, you need a couple of important documents, and the most important is, of course, your birth certificate. Tax documents may be required, as well as information about any previous marriage you may have been a part of, for example, proof of termination of the previous marriage.

Important Information on Obtaining a Marriage License:

Not only will you need certain important documents with you when you apply for a marriage license, but you will need proof of I.D along with your birth certificate, in the form of photo I.D and somebody to witness it, normally the maid of honor or the best man, however you can choose anyone to be your witness. The application will also require you to write your new married name. Both the bride and groom will need to be present when applying for a marriage license and if either of them are under the age of 18, and above 16, parental consent must be given for them to be able to marry. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, for example, if there bride to be is pregnant or if there are no legal guardians to sign.

When you have your Marriage License:

Remember, never try and get your marriage license too early in Virginia, as they can have an expiry date on them. There is normally a small fee involved when applying for a marriage license in Virginia, and it is around $30 which means that if you get your license too early, it can expire and this will have been a complete waste of money. Generally, the marriage license will last for 60 days. Once you have reached your wedding day, this marriage license will be signed by the chaplain and sent off to the correct authorities for validation.

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