Marriage in Utah

You will have to provide proof of your identity in order to get a marriage license. In the state of Utah, this can be a driver's license, a passport, birth certificate, or an ID issued by the state. You should either take your Social Security card to the application office or have the Social Security Number memorized.

If a woman wishes to keep her maiden name, she will need to bring either a certified copy of her birth certificate as proof of the name. Alternatively, if she is divorced she will have to bring the divorce decree that affirms that she wants to start using her maiden name again.

You do not have to live in Utah to get a marriage license there.

Both of the people applying for a marriage license must be there in person while applying.

Be advised that there is a fee of $45 or more in almost every county in the state of Utah. This fee covers the cost of two certified copies of the license.

There is no waiting period and no blood test required.

Who Can Get a Marriage License?

Persons who are 15 years old must have parental consent as well as the approval of the Juvenile Court. Premarital counseling may be necessary before a license is granted. If a person is between 16 and 17 years of age, he or she will need parental consent only. Once a person reaches 18 years of age, no outside consent is required.

Common law marriage is allowed in Utah. This occurs when a man and woman live together as husband and wife without the benefit of an official ceremony. Certain conditions must be met for a common law marriage to be acknowledged, including that the persons involved are competent to consent to the marriage.

Cousins may be married if they are over 65 years of age or are at least 55 and sterile. However, proxy marriages are not allowed. Same sex marriages are not recognized by the state of Utah.

Who May Officiate at the Ceremony?

Wedding ceremonies may be performed by a variety of officials in Utah, including, but not limited to ministers, rabbis, county clerks, and Native American spiritual advisors. The minister will be required to send a marriage certificate to the clerk who originally granted the marriage license at some point during the 30 days following the marriage.

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