Marriage in South Carolina

To get a marriage license, you must present some type of ID. In the state of South Carolina, this means you will need a driver's license and Social Security Number. You do not have to live in South Carolina to get a marriage license from this state.

You do not have to provide any documentation of prior divorces. There is a fee of $15, which can only be paid in cash. Both you and your future spouse must be present when you apply for a marriage license. The document you fill out will need to be signed by both parties and notarized in the Probate Judge's office.

Who May Get a Marriage License?

Females who are 14 years of age must be given parental consent. Males who are 16 years of age must also have parental consent. Minors applying for a marriage license will have to present their birth certificates and have a parent or guardian with them in order to show ID and provide written consent. People over age 18 may present proof of their age via a driver's license, a birth certificate, a passport, or several other ID options.

Marriage by proxy, which takes place when one member is absent and someone else stands in as a substitute, is not considered legal in South Carolina. You may marry your first cousin in this state. Common law marriage, in which a man and woman live together but are not actually married, is not legally recognized. Same sex marriage is not allowed.

Other Important Information

You must wait for 24 hours before the marriage license will become valid. Be sure to plan for this waiting period.

Any minister of the gospel who has been certified in order to conduct oaths in South Carolina is allowed to perform a wedding ceremony. The minister will need to finish the marriage certificate, provide the married couple with one copy, and file the other two copies with the county judge of probate who originally granted the license. This must be done within 15 days of the wedding date.

The license has no expiration date, making this state one in which you can apply for the marriage license as far in advance as you like. This means you will have one less task on your mind as the wedding day approaches. Apply for the license at least one month before you plan to wed to forestall any timing issues.

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