Marriage in Oregon

Gather everything you will need to get the marriage license. This often includes tax information, and will always include some form of ID. You can use your driver's license, a passport, or a birth certificate. Your Social Security Number will be required. You do not have to reside in Oregon to get a marriage license from the state.

You should also bring $60 in cash for the fee. This cost will not be refunded, and it cannot be waived by any means. There will be no extensions of the license granted.

Who May Be Married?

Cousins may not be married in the state of Oregon. A proxy marriage, which happens when one member is absent and has someone else stand in his or her place, is not legal. Oregon does not recognize common law marriages, which occur when a man and woman cohabit as if they were married but do not, in fact, have the benefit of an official marriage.

If a person is under 17 years of age, he or she may not get married in Oregon. If a person is 17 years old, he or she can be issued a marriage license. To get the license, the applicant must present written consent from a parent or guardian. For someone who is 17 and has lived in Oregon for six months or more and has no parents or guardians, there is still a way to get a license. You must have an affidavit affirming these facts signed by an outside party to the marriage (for example, not the bride or groom).

Other Important Facts to Note

There is a waiting period of three days, beginning at the time the license is issued. After the three days have passed, the license is considered valid. There are no blood tests required for obtaining a marriage license. The license will then be valid for 60 days.

Who May Perform the Ceremony?

Any minister of a church that has working congregations in Oregon may conduct the wedding ceremony. Ministers must give a copy of their credentials to a county clerk in the county where the marriage will be conducted. The bride and groom must be given copies of the marriage certificate if they request them. Within the first month from the date the marriage took place, the minister must also send a marriage certificate to the county clerk who granted the license.

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