Marriage in Nevada

Nevada is easily the marriage capital of the United States. Thanks to the marriages of Las Vegas, everyone will flock to Nevada for their quick marriage fix. While this is not the only way to have a marriage in Nevada, it is easily the most well known. Those who wish to have a marriage in Nevada, whether it be quick or planned, need to understand the rules and regulations that govern marriage in the state. Those who do not have this information may not realize exactly what they need to do to make sure that their marriage is official. The fees, time lines, and other various regulations can play a part in the planning of nearly any marriage in Nevada.


The fees for getting married in Nevada change depending on the county that you are in. If you are getting a marriage license, you will be looking at fees ranging from $35 to $40. There will be no added charge to these fees, but be sure to understand that if you get a marriage in Nevada in Las Vegas, you will also have to pay for the ceremony to be performed (which is the same for nearly any other type of marriage done).

Time line

Thankfully, there is no waiting period; once you receive your marriage license, you are ready to have our marriage in Nevada. This is what allows the wedding areas in Las Vegas to have marriages on the spot. Once you obtain your license, you will be able to hold onto it for a full year before it expires, meaning that you could obtain the marriage license well ahead of the actual wedding itself.

Other Rules and Regulations

Anyone who is under 18 must have at least parental consent to be able to have a marriage in Nevada. Anyone who is under 16 must have authorization from the courts before they can be married. Anyone can be married in all of Nevada, however, as you do not have to be a resident of Nevada to be married.

Whether you are planning a full wedding and reception in Nevada, or planning a quick wedding in Las Vegas, you need to e sure that you have all of the information you need. This information will allow you to make sure that you have a completely legal and binding marriage, without and issues or road blocks.

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