Marriage in Nebraska

Those who have lived in Nebraska may already know a large amount about the wedding process in Nebraska. Those who do not live in Nebraska may not take the time to understand the laws that govern getting married in the state, as well as the fees and times needed. If you are having your marriage in Nebraska and do not research and understand these rules, fees, and regulations, you may be caught off guard; this could cause a roadblock to your marriage, which can be both costly and disappointing. Taking the time to understand the different aspects of marriage in Nebraska is the best way to have a smooth wedding.


While the fees will change from county to county, Nebraska has one of the lower marriage license fees in the nation. It will generally cost you around $15 to get a marriage license to get married in Nebraska. There are no other fees that will be added on, so this will be the only cost you see on the government side of the marriage.

Time line

Fortunately, there is no waiting period in Nebraska for your marriage; that means that you can have your marriage in Nebraska as soon as you obtain your marriage license, which is great for those who are looking for their license at the last minute. Nebraska also differs from much of the nation in the length of time that the marriage license is good for. If you are looking to have your marriage in Nebraska, you can wait a full year after you obtain your marriage license before you get married. The license is good for one full year.

Other Regulations

Anyone who is under 19 must have both a copy of their birth certificate and a consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian. This differs by a year from other states in terms of age rules. One of the major age rules in Nebraska revolves around the minimum year for marriage; while other states allow some people to be married as young as 15, you must be 17 years old to be considered for marriage in Nebraska. Anyone under 17 cannot be married (even if only one of the two being married is under 17). This rule is strictly enforced, as there is no way to get a judicial approval for a younger person to be married.

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