Marriage in Montana

Marriages, wherever they are, are a big deal. People spend a lot of money and a lot of time planning their weddings. They will make sure that they take care of every detail, from the candles and flowers on the table to the food being offered. While people will think of all of these things, they will often fail to think of all of the issues that could arise with marriage licenses. They do not think of the fees, rules, and regulations that allow you to be married by the government. If you do not think of all of these rules and regulations, you may run into a road block that will not allow you to be married as planned.


The fees for marriage in Montana will differ depending on the county that you are trying to have your marriage in Montana in. Generally, the cost of the marriage license will hover around $55, and will not have any extra fees. Most of the counties that you can get your marriage license at will not allow you to pay in any other form than cash.

Time lines

Montana does not have anything that requires a waiting period for anyone who is over 18 and obtains a marriage license. This means that you can get married as soon as you receive your marriage license. Once you receive your license, however, you have six months to actually go through the marriage.

Other Regulations

The major regulation that is somewhat different from many states is the age regulation. Those who are 16 or 17 must have parental consent. While this is normal, the rest of the regulations differ; the couple who wishes to be married has to attend two full counseling sessions, and they must be 10 days apart. This counseling is different from many states who offer marriage to younger individuals.

While there are many aspects of marriage in Montana that are similar to those in other states, there are also major differences. The only way to make sure that you get the marriage license you need in the time that you need is to understand exactly what the rules are to obtain that marriage license. If you make sure that you have your marriage license, you can be sure that your marriage in Montana goes smoothly.

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