Marriage in Missouri

Many people want to get married in the state that they grew up in. Others may want to get married in their favorite vacation spot. Others simply want to find an incredibly beautiful place to have their wedding. Many people find all of these different locations in Missouri. Missouri has a lot of different areas that can be great for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Many people focus on the location of their wedding, and fail to focus on how to obtain the marriage license. Marriage license rules are different from state to state, so it is important to understand all of the different rules and regulations so that you are prepared.

Times and Time lines

One of the important time lines that some people do not think about is the time between the finalization of your divorce and your marriage date. Many people will go through long divorce processes; they have easily found someone during the divorce period and wish to marry soon after the divorce is final. For a marriage in Missouri, you must wait 30 days after the finalization of your divorce before you can get married.

There is no waiting period for marriage in Missouri, however, so you may get married the same day that you receive your marriage license. Once you receive your marriage license, however, you must get married within 30 days.


The general fee for a marriage in Missouri and the marriage license needed is between $55 and $60. The fees change depending on the county that you are in, and the fees may change if you need to have some sort of parental consent.

Other Regulations

As far as age is concerned, anyone who is under 18 and wants to be married in Missouri will need parental consent. While anyone under 15 could be married, the cases are rare. As far as tests are concerned, there are no tests that must be taken before anyone receives a marriage license.

Many people will fail to find all of this information before they apply for their marriage license. When they do not have their information, they may not be able to obtain their marriage license in time. If you want to make sure that you marriage will go off smoothly, you need to be prepared so that you can be sure you will get your marriage license in time for your marriage in Missouri.

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