Marriage in Mississippi

Many people go to Mississippi for the wedding of their dreams. Due to the fact that neither person in the marriage needs to be from Mississippi, people flock to the state to have a beautiful wedding in the south. When people think of marriage in Mississippi, however, they do not necessarily think about marriage licenses and the different rules and regulations that come with them. This information is important, as those who are familiar with other state's rules will feel lost without knowing the actual rules of marriage in Mississippi.

The Cost

The cost for a marriage license to get married in Mississippi is almost always around $20. Most of the counties in Mississippi will not accept any form of payment other than cash, so it is important to make sure that you do pay with cash. The other fee that comes with the marriage license is the fee for the blood test. The blood test is mandatory in Mississippi, and comes at a cost of $13 per individual. This test must be done within 30 days of the marriage license.

The Time

The waiting period for a marriage in Mississippi is three days after the marriage license is issued. This can be waived for residents who are over 21. Once you do receive the marriage license, however, you do not have to apply again, no matter how long you wait; the marriage license does not expire after a certain amount of time, meaning that you can use it years after it is issued.

The Age

Mississippi marriage rules are slightly different than many other states when it comes to age. Those wishing for a marriage in Mississippi must be over 21. Those who are under 21 must have parental consent. Those who are under 17 must get permission from a judge to waive the minimum age requirements (this is only 15 for females, however). Anyone 18 through 21 must actually have parental permission, however, and will not be able to get married if the permission is not given.

Mississippi can be a great place to get married. While the rules may be different than the other states, it is still possibly to easily obtain a marriage license for marriage in Mississippi. By knowing the rules and following all of the rules, regulations, and fees, a marriage in Mississippi can go off without a hitch.

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