Marriage in Minnesota

For many, marriage is all about finding the most beautiful place to be married. For others, marriage is all about getting married in the favorite place of the couple. Still others like to get married in the state and place that they were raised. Minnesota is one state where all of this is possible in one simple location. People can easily be wrapped up in the beauty and memories that surround marriage in Minnesota. Getting wrapped up in the beauty of the wedding can lead to botched marriage licenses. Knowing all of the marriage license rules and regulations for marriage in Minnesota is important, as it can keep you from running into any road blocks in the marriage license area.


The age rule for marriage in Minnesota is incredibly easy to understand. While most states have simply rules regarding marriage for those under 18, Minnesota's is even simpler. If you are 16 or 17, parental consent or court approval is needed. With this, it is legal. No extra steps are necessary to make the marriage license legal or the marriage in Minnesota legal.


Once you have received your marriage license, you must wait five business days. This means that you must wait five full weekdays before you can actually get married. If you need this waiting period waived, you may attempt to do so, but it must be a special situation, and not someone who is simply impatient. Once you have actually received your marriage license for marriage in Minnesota, however, you have six full months before the license expires. This gives you a full half of a year to get married after you receive your marriage license, allowing you to obtain the license well in advance of the actual marriage date.


The fees for marriage in Minnesota are different, depending on your situation. If you opt to not go through the premarital education course, your marriage license fee will be $110. If you go through the premarital course (which has a minimum of 12 hours of course time), your fee will be reduced to $40. While this course is not mandatory, it is the only way to lower the fee of the marriage license to have a marriage in Minnesota. The fee does not change if you are a resident or if you are a non-resident.

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