Marriage in Michigan

Those who want to get married in Michigan seem to have multiple options. There are many beautiful places to get married in the state, including the multiple beaches of the great lakes, and the beauty of Mackinaw Island, a major tourism spot in the state. All of this beauty and the amount of places that these marriages can happen can easily lead to a botched marriage license. While a marriage license is not hard to obtain for marriage in Michigan, it is important to make sure that you follow all of the rules and regulations.

Possible Fees

Those who are residents of Michigan will find a fee for a marriage license of $20. Those who do not live in the state of Michigan will find that their marriage license fee is $30. Most counties stick by these numbers, and will often require that you pay in cash; many of these counties do not accept checks or credit cards for payment. No other fees will stop those who wish for a marriage in Michigan.


While the time wait can be waived for good reasons, there is a three day waiting period for marriage in Michigan; this is the same as in most states, and simply requires that you wait three days before you use your marriage license. Once you obtain the marriage license for a marriage in Michigan, however, you must use it within 30 days.

Other Rules

One interesting aspect of marriage in Michigan is the fact that witnesses do not have to be 18. Witnesses simply must be considered old enough to understand what is going on and be able to be a witness to the marriage in Michigan.

Those who have been divorced need to be able to show proof of the divorce. This official proof is generally only needed for divorces that have happened within the last 6 months, but may be a good decision when trying for marriage in Michigan in any county.

There are multiple rules and regulations to follow. Having all of the information on these rules and regulations can make sure that you marriage in Michigan goes off without a hitch. Nothing can be worse than finding a roadblock in between you and your marriage because of a missed rule for a marriage license.

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