Marriage in Kentucky

When getting a marriage in Kentucky, it can be easy to miss tiny details. Some people may forget to order a certain decoration for the wedding. Others may forget an invitation or two. Others actually manage to forget the marriage license. Many people do not think of the marriage license that they will need to actually get married. Just as in any other state, there are multiple rules and regulations to getting married and getting a marriage license. Knowing this information can help to make sure that you are not surprised by a specific rule or regulation just days before your wedding.

Fees and Costs to Marriage in Kentucky

The general fee for getting a marriage license in Kentucky simply comes from the cost of the actual marriage license. It can cost anywhere from $35 to $40, depending on the country that you apply for the marriage license in. While many forms of payment are accepted in Kentucky, those looking for marriage in Kentucky should pay with cash; cash is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you receive the marriage license without an issue.

Time and Dates Important to Marriage in Kentucky

Marriage in Kentucky has a few rules that are different than other states. Once you receiver you marriage license, you must use it (get married) within 30 days. Other states allow for longer periods of time, so those who are new to Kansas may not realize this. Fortunately, there is no waiting period for a marriage license. As long as there are no hold ups, you can receive your marriage license the day before your wedding.

Other Things to Consider with Marriage in Kentucky

You do not have to be a resident of Kentucky to have a marriage in Kentucky. If you have had a previous marriage, you need to be able to provide the official documentation proving the dissolution of the marriage. As far as age is concerned, those who are 16 or 17 will need parental consent before being able to have a marriage in Kentucky.

Marriage in Kentucky is one of the most exciting and beautiful things that you can do. While paperwork, rules and regulations are necessary to getting married, they do not have to be a roadblock in your marriage. Having this information can allow you to quickly and easily receive your marriage license, or at least understand what you can receive the license in the first place.

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