Marriage in Kansas

Getting married can be one of the most exciting times in anyone's life. There are seemingly millions of different things to consider when having a marriage in Kansas. People tend to worry about the reception, the place of the wedding, and all of the other small details that put a wedding together. Many people tend to look past all of the rules, regulations, time lines and fees that come with a marriage in Kansas. Knowing all for the information and rules can help you to make sure that the legal side of the marriage is as solid as the other aspects of the marriage.

Potential Roadblocks

Those who are not residents of Kansas do not need to worry; marriage in Kansas is possible for those who are not residents of Kansas. If you have been married previously, however, you will need to be able to provide the official copy of the final divorce decree so that they know the marriage has been officially ended in the eyes of the government. Also, those who have recently divorced may need to wait; you must wait 30 days past the final decree of divorce before you can have another marriage in Kansas.

Fees and Costs

The cost of a marriage license in Kansas is a little higher than for other states. Marriage in Kansas costs $50 for the license, as well as a $25 surcharge fee. Like in many states across the nation, however, cash is the recommended form of payment.

Other Regulations

The waiting period for Kansas is three days. The marriage licenses for Kansas are good for six months. The age limits in Kansas are slightly different than those in other states; the minimum age for marriage in Kansas is 15. Those who are 16 or 17 need to have parental consent to get married; those 15 need judicial approval. Fortunately, there are no premarital education courses or tests that need to be taken prior to getting married. In Kansas, there is no same-sex marriage available.

Knowing all of the rules that surround marriage in Kansas can help you to make sure that you are not blindsided days before your wedding. Making sure you are in line with all of the rules and regulations can help you to make sure that all you need to worry about is making your actual wedding run smoothly. You should be worrying about the flower types, not the license.

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