Marriage In Oklahoma

Everyone who applies for a marriage license must present some type of ID. In Oklahoma, you can use a valid driver's license, a passport, or a certified birth certificate. You will also need a Social Security Number. Bring yourself and your future spouse, as well – both of you must be present when applying for a marriage license.


A divorced person must present a certified copy of the divorce decree. A widow or widower must bring a copy of the death certificate for the deceased spouse. This proves that both parties were legally free to marry at the time the marriage license was granted.

Both parents must accompany persons under the age of 18 to the courthouse and sign a consent form agreeing to the marriage. After this is done, there is a waiting period of three days before the marriage license may be used.

For adults, there is no waiting period. Anyone can get a marriage license in Oklahoma, even if both parties live out of state. The state of Oklahoma requires a blood test in 30 days; the results must come from a laboratory the state has approved.

Proxy marriages, which take place when someone else acts as a stand-in for an absent person, are not allowed. Marriage between cousins is illegal in Oklahoma. Common law marriages, which take place when a couple lives together as man and wife without being officially married, are not recognized.

Important Details

There is a $25 fee associated with the marriage license. However, if you and your future spouse take marriage counseling before marrying, the fee is reduced to only $5. Be sure that the person you are taking counseling from is either an official religious representative or a health professional.

You should apply for the license at least a month before the wedding, but keep in mind that the Oklahoma state marriage license is valid for 30 days only.

Any ordained minister of the gospel may conduct the wedding ceremony, provided the person is 18 years old or older. Before the ceremony, ministers are required to give a copy of their credentials to a county clerk. Once the wedding has taken place, a minister will need to fill out the marriage certificate and give it to the person who granted the marriage license. Usually, this person will be a judge or a clerk.

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