Marriage in Hawaii

Planning a wedding in a tropical paradise could be a dream come true for many couples. Just thinking about getting married in a beautiful setting like Hawaii would thrill anyone. Saying vows on the beach, or in front of a volcanic waterfall—the options seem nearly endless. Luckily, these options are open to just about anyone, since getting married in Hawaii isn't limited to residents of the state.

Marriage Age

It is necessary to show proof of each couple member's age. This can be done with a valid state identification card or driver's license for anyone age 19 or older. Anyone age 18 or younger will need to show a certified copy of a birth certificate, however.

If either member of the couple is 16 or 17 years old, he or she will need to have written consent from both parents, legal guardians, or the family court.

If either member of the couple is 15 years of age, it is necessary for him or her to have the written consent from both parents or legal guardians and he or she must have a judge from the family court give written approval for the marriage.

For the case of any minors, consent forms that parents, guardians, and the family court can fill out can be obtained from a marriage license agent in Hawaii.

Getting the Marriage License

Aside from the forms of identification mentioned above, the couple will also have to pay a fee in cash for the license. Though the amount can vary depending upon the county in which the couple obtains the marriage license, the fee will typically be around $60.

Additionally, if either member of the couple has been previously married, that person will need to supply the date of the divorce dissolution or the date of the previous spouse's death.

There are no medical tests that the couple needs to have done, and there is no waiting period to get married in this state after getting the marriage license.

Wedding Officiants in Hawaii

Anyone who is commissioned by the State of Hawaii and the Department of Health can perform marriage ceremonies in Hawaii. This means that any couple who wants to get married in this state can bring an officiant with them to perform the ceremony and have that person get commissioned by the state so as to be legal to do the wedding. Many people who enjoy destination weddings like this feature about weddings in Hawaii.

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