Marriage in Alaska

The State of Alaska may very well be one of the easiest states in which to get married. The requirements and regulations are few—and, the license fee is extremely inexpensive at only $25. You don't even need to be a resident of Alaska in order to get married here. It's no wonder that there are often weddings performed offshore on the Alaskan cruises that many people from the main part of the continent find to be so popular!

Getting the License

A picture identification (such as a driver's license or state identification card) is required for the marriage license. The application for the license can be mailed or faxed in with a copy of the picture identification—if the form and identification is witnessed by a Notary Public. If you have been divorced within the last 60 days, you will also need a certified copy of the divorce decree.

There are no blood tests or medical tests of any kind; however, there is a three-day waiting period (three business days) for the license. So, be sure to plan accordingly. If you are from out of town and are planning an Alaskan wedding, make sure to mail or fax in your application early enough. Once issued, the license will be valid for 90 days, for use anywhere in the State of Alaska.

Under Age Marriages

For someone under the age of 18 who wishes to get married, the process is just slightly more complex. Along with the items listed above, a certified copy of the birth certificate must be presented. Additionally, each minor must be accompanied by both parents (if possible) or a legal guardian. The parent(s) or guardian must have a court order and identification in order for the wedding to proceed.

Wedding Officiants

It comes as a surprise to many people that anyone over the age of 18 can perform your wedding in Alaska. Yes, anyone! This could be a friend or a relative—anyone with whom you have a special bond. Choosing a loved one to perform your ceremony adds a unique twist to your wedding.

This person needs to obtain a marriage commissioner appointment from an Alaskan court. That sounds rather intimidating; however, it isn't at all as difficult as it sounds. All a person needs to do is contact the court which is nearest to where the wedding will be performed and ask about requirements. It is not necessary for the person to be an Alaskan resident, nor is studying needed.

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