Marriage Reconciliation

Marriage is defined as a sacred bond between two people, usually a man and a woman, that is legally binding in court usually following a religious ceremony. Marriage reconciliation is a very affordable alternative to divorce litigation and it can help to save the marriage. Marriage reconciliation is performed by a practicing family law attorney. The lawyer that performs the marriage reconciliation will also show no partiality towards one side or another and all proceedings of the marriage reconciliation are kept strictly confidential. Not one bit of information discussed during the marriage reconciliation will be leaked to anyone else in the family, to anyone else in the law firm, or to any strangers that the lawyer speaks with.

The Process of Marriage Reconciliation

The process of marriage reconciliation involves meeting with the marriage reconciliation lawyer individually and as a couple. This helps the lawyer understand each side of the story without the other interrupting or interjecting. More can get done on a one-on-one basis before meeting altogether. Once all the problems have been brought out into the open after individual meetings, the couple can meet with the lawyer as a group. The lawyer will introduce specific issues, generalized problem solving, and communication strategies are exchanged through behavior modeling, hands on coaching, and explanation. Issues that divide the couple are analyzed, identified, and solved together in order to work towards marriage reconciliation.

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Marriage Reconciliation vs. Divorce Mediation

Marriage reconciliation is a recommended alternative to divorce litigation, especially divorce mediation, because its intent is to reconcile the marriage and to keep it intact while divorce mediation has the sole intent of ending the marriage in divorce. Divorce mediation does keep the negotiations civil and short in length but it almost always leads to the divorce of the couple. Plain and simple; the marriage reconciliation process is aimed at a complete reconciliation of the marriage without divorce or separation in any form.

Lawyers not Required for Marriage Reconciliation

When it comes to attending a marriage reconciliation session, couples don't always have to hire a marriage reconciliation attorney to handle the reconciliation process. Attorneys are not required by law in every state within the Union to handle these matters. In fact, not all states require mediators to be licensed attorneys. The only difference with this is that mediators are not legally allowed to give their clients any legal advice regarding their marriage or subsequent divorce. So, if you are planning on attending marriage reconciliation sessions, make sure you do not take any legal advice from a mediator that is not an attorney.

Is Marriage Reconciliation Effective?

Just like mediation, marriage reconciliation cannot fix all of the problems of an arguing couple. It is difficult to get arguing people on the same page after they have been disagreeing with each other for so long. Marriage reconciliation is only as effective as the people involved want it to be. If the people involved in marriage reconciliation enter the sessions with a poor attitude or the idea that the sessions will fail then the sessions more than likely will fail and their marriage will not improve one iota. If couples enter the marriage reconciliation sessions with an open mind for change and attitude improvement then the sessions might wind up being a success.

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