How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Now that you have made the important decision to get a divorce your next critical decision is how to choose a divorce attorney.

Think about Your situation

Take the time to think about your situation. What is important to you? Do you have children, is your financial situation complicated, how much money do you have to spend on legal fees? How long have you been married? Have you worked during your marriage? Did you bring property into the marriage? Did you receive any inheritances during the marriage? These are just a few of the questions that any divorce attorney will ask you in an initial interview. Thinking about these issues prior to seeking an attorney will make the process of selecting an attorney much easier.

Ask for Recommendations

It never hurts to ask friends or co-workers if they could recommend an attorney. Be specific when you ask, you need a good divorce attorney not just a good attorney. Technically, there are no specialties in law, but usually most attorneys limit their practice to certain subject areas. Additionally, there are judges that may be limited to domestic or family law depending on the court system in your jurisdiction. You want your legal representative to be familiar with the judges that will decide your case. Ask questions about that person's experience with the attorney regarding such matters as receptivity to phone calls and response time to emergencies.

Online Research

Another method for narrowing down your list of potential lawyers is through online research. Many attorneys have their own websites and/or profile pages on legal oriented sites. Conduct an online search for divorce attorneys in your area and read the information available. This will give you a better idea which attorneys you are interested in talking to further.

Interview, Interview, Interview

Many attorneys will give you a free initial appointment (usually for half an hour or less). Take advantage of this, and, if your situation allows it, see more than one attorney before you make a final decision on who you want to represent you. Decide carefully because it will be much harder to find a new attorney midway through a case as many attorneys do not want to deal with previous attorneys' potential mistakes. Prepare before any consultation appointment by creating a list of questions and do not be afraid to ask them once in the meeting. If you are too intimidated to ask basic questions, it will make a difficult working relationship. Remember the lawyer is working for you.

If you are looking to hire a divorce lawyer, contact Alford & Bertrand, LLC or a divorce attorney in your area.

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