A divorce, most of the times, is an emotionally draining and sad process. Couples who have decided that their marriage is not working can either file for dissolution of their marriage or an annulment. In either case, a divorce attorney can educate you about your rights and assist you with the seemingly overwhelming situation.

Annulment vs. fraud

After an annulment, the marriage between two people practically never existed. Most commonly, fraud is the ground for marriage annulment. This means that one spouse didn't disclose information prior to the marriage about infectious diseases, criminal records, the inability to have children -or the desire not to- or previous marriages.
During the dissolution of a marriage the parties and the court resolve the issues of property division, child custody and matters of support. In contrast to an annulment, a divorce then separates the couple, leaving divorced ex-spouses, who can then remarry.

Do I need a divorce attorney?

Due to the complex nature of a divorce and the emotions that are involved, obtaining a divorce attorney is always advisable. Couples who have been married for a short period and have no children and/or no property may be able to pass on the assistance of an attorney.

At the same time, most married couples either have children or some kind of property together. While attorneys mostly pay for themselves, they can also assist you in personal or property matters and inform you about any financial burdens that may come with certain decisions.

Hot Topics of divorce include:

If you are getting a divorce, it is recommended that you consult a divorce attorney, especially if your soon-to-be ex spouse will also be represented by a lawyer as well. Consult one of our divorce attorneys for any questions you may have and save yourself more emotional distress and long-winding arguments.

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