Divorce Lawyers on Both Sides

Working through a divorce case without a lawyer can be difficult but working through a case with a lawyer on both sides can be even more difficult. Divorce is defined as the dissolution of marriage that involves a legal process in which a judge dissolves the bonds of matrimony existing between two people that restores the people to being single. During divorce proceedings, a divorce lawyer will simplify the process and be able to answer any questions that the party involved might have during the process. Divorce just doesn't include the dissolution of the marriage but it also includes the division of the marital property and assets, determining child custody, determining who will pay child support and determining who will pay spousal support.

Working with Two Lawyers

During a divorce case you will more than likely encounter a lawyer that is representing your spouse. Never should two parties in a divorce case share the same lawyer during divorce proceedings. This is the making of a disaster, not to mention conflict of interest on behalf of the representing attorney. When a couple is getting divorced they will need to deal with their spouse on a recurring basis in the court and in negotiations along with their spouse's lawyer. The divorce lawyers on each side will more than likely know each other because they work in the same county and this can be a benefit or this can be a distraction or a negative. Why? If the two lawyers know each other and have a decent working relationship then the settlement of the divorce could be decided on rather quickly. If the two lawyers know each other and do not have a decent working relationship then the settlement of the divorce could take longer than usual to decide.

Conflict of Interest

The process of a divorce case already pits two people against each other that have irreconcilable differences and who do not see eye to eye so the lawyers are put in place to expedite the process and make it as simple as possible for each side. Having a divorce lawyer on both sides can actually help to make the negotiation process easier. The lawyers will know what their client is looking for and how to present their client's wishes to their opposing side and their lawyer. Lawyers will help to mediate a meeting between the two parties as well as be able to identify whether or not the other side is practicing legal and fair negotiations. When choosing a lawyer both parties should avoid using a friend or family member to work with them on their divorce case. This could be a conflict of interest for the lawyer and the lawyer probably won't be able to stay unbiased during the proceedings. This can lead to a lengthy divorce process that stalls out because no progress is being made. When encountering a rival divorce attorney that is representing your spouse during a divorce case, you should try to be open minded and listen to what your spouse's representative has to say regarding the case. The more open minded both parties are during a divorce case the likelier it will be that the case does not drag on for months at a time.

If you need more information, consult with a Divorce Lawyer, they will be able to walk you through the entire process and answer all your questions.

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