Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

Before you even begin to think about which lawyer in your area you will choose to help you with your divorce, you must first figure out how long your divorce proceedings will likely take as well as how nasty the divorce might be. Look at your marriage and personal relationship with the person you are divorcing. When doing so, make sure you are able to figure out where the differences between the two of you come in, how far apart the two of you are regarding important decisions, and whether or not the spouse will request spousal or child support following the divorce proceedings. Finding a divorce lawyer can be simple if you know the proceedings will not be overly complicated and will not take extremely long to complete. If the divorce proceedings will be quick and painless, then hiring a lawyer that has experience in divorce proceedings would be the right way to go. But if the divorce is going to be complicated and involve tax and financial terms then you should hire a lawyer that is experienced in not only divorce trials but also in the taxes and finances of a divorce.

Asking Family and Friends

Everyone has their own doctor, accountant, and lawyer. So, when choosing a divorce lawyer, why not ask around to some of your family and friends about who their lawyer is. Divorce is incredibly common today and it is likely that someone in your family has gone through divorce proceedings. If they have, make sure you pry their brain for some information. That information can be how long the proceedings took to complete, what the lawyer was able to do for them, and how experienced their lawyer is with divorce. Don't just use a lawyer because he or she has been recommended by one of your friends of family members. After you compile the list of possible divorce lawyers you should do a bit of research to find out more about their career.


When deciding on which divorce lawyer to hire for your divorce proceedings make sure you don't make a decision without first performing proper research on each lawyer. The research should entail looking over the lawyer's website; which will include their background, resume, education, history of casework, and much more. Also, by looking them up in the Yellow Pages you will be able to obtain a phone number. Call the office and set up a consultation. During this meeting you can ask various questions regarding their services and their track record.

Family Law

It is really important that the lawyer you choose to argue your divorce case has experience in family law proceedings. Family law involves not only a husband and wife, marriage, divorce and spousal support but it also involves children, child custody, and child support. If there are children present in the marriage that is headed towards a divorce then you want to hire an experienced lawyer that has a strong track record dealing with family law. They will be able to help you with child support and child custody issues. The most important factor in deciding which lawyer to hire for your divorce case is to trust your gut instinct. If a lawyer sticks out from all the rest then make sure you go with that one. Sometimes a person's gut instinct really can be worth the trouble.

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