Unexpected Final Expense You Need to Prepare For

Don't Be Unprepared

Death is a very delicate subject, even when you're trying to be upbeat and pragmatic about whatever preparations you may be making. That being said, it is very important to be prepared for the unavoidable reality of your own passing, both philosophically and practically.

Most people understand that there are costs associated with their passing or the passing of a loved one. What people sometimes don't realize is just how much it can cost. Many families are blindsided by the fees associated with funeral costs and other preparations.

In 2013 the average cost for a funeral was upwards of $7,000, plus another $3,000 on average for cemetery services. Costs and fees can add up quickly. It can become extremely taxing on families because almost everyone wants to do justice to the life of their loved one by holding a special service.

The Costs

Final expenses will vary depending on your location and what type of services you choose. A basic list of items and services that will need to be taken care of include:

  • Funeral Director's Service Fee: $1,500

  • Casket: $2,300

  • Embalming: $500

  • Funeral Home Rental and Services: $500

  • Grave Site: $1,000

  • Grave Digging: $600

  • Burial Liner: $1,000

  • Headstone: $1,500

For these extremely basic items, you would end up paying around $9,000. Besides these main items, you may also be looking at costs for:

  • Any hospital costs incurred by the diseased

  • Obituary listing in newspaper

  • Flowers for the ceremony

  • Catering for the ceremony

  • Stationary expenses

  • Any bills usually paid by the deceased

  • Any debts incurred by the deceased

The best thing a person can do for their loved ones is to take care of them as much as possible, even after passing. Leaving something behind to help family members with the costs associated with a passing can take a lot of stress and worry off of them. When a family is already grieving a loved one's passing, the last thing they need to worry about is how to pay for final expenses.

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There are many options available to you if you would like to begin saving for your family. It is a hard topic to discuss, but we are here for you every step of the way, and we will be committed to making sure your loved ones are taken care of.

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