Estate Planning in Tennessee

It is important that the parents of special needs children start their estate planning in Tennessee as soon as possible. Do not put off this important process because part of estate planning will be making arrangements for the future of your child. The parents of special needs children often spend a great deal of time ensuring the safety and happiness of their child in case of an emergency or sudden disaster.

Finding a Responsible Guardian

Parents of special needs children often learn that not just anyone is qualified to care for a child with special physical or emotional needs. This is usually discovered when attempting to find short term or temporary care and this difficulty is sometimes increased when trying to find permanent care. Whenever possible try to find family members that might be willing to care for a relative in the event of an accident.

Even if relatives have shown little interest in a child before explain what you are planning for and your needs. Family members who have gone through the estate planning process in Tennessee can often relate to your fears and frustrations. Encourage them to spend time with your child and teach them about proper care.

Making Long Term Financial Arrangements

Once you have found a guardian you will need to make financial arrangements. These arrangements are necessary to help the new guardian afford the expense of caring for a new child and any emergency medical expenses that your child might have in the future. Set up a trust for your child and find an experienced trustee that will be able to manage your child's estate and see that funds are dispersed appropriately.

Always Make Additional Plans

Since most parents make plans to have their children cared for until they reach legal age special needs children are often faced with a unique dilemma. They often have to determine how their own child will be cared for when their guardian gets older or the child themselves gets older. Attempt to contact alternative care takers or private facilities and make your trustee and potential guardian aware of your choice. This will help any future transition go smoothly for the guardian, trustee, and most importantly, your child.

When you have chosen a few private facilities that you think might be suitable always visit them in person and attempt to obtain reviews. Talk to the parents or relatives of residents and even discuss the reason why you are visiting the facility. In some situations individuals in a similar situation are best prepared to offer you honest, valid, advice.

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