Employment in Wyoming

Before entered the workforce it is important that you know about the employment law in Wyoming. Knowing about the employment law in your state will help you know what treatment to expect from your employers. It will also help you understanding the process of hiring and termination if you are brand new to working in general or in the state of Wyoming.

Getting Hired in Wyoming

Getting hired is often the most stressful part of starting any new job. Applications can be time consuming and the interview can be extremely stressful. This is especially true if you are not someone who enjoys one on one conversation with strangers. Knowing employment law in Wyoming will help you prepare for your interview by letting you know what they can and cannot ask you.

At your job interview your potential employer cannot ask you about any part of personal life. They cannot ask about your sexual orientation or whether or not you are married. These questions should also not appear on your application. Potential employers are also not allowed to ask past employers this information. They can only discuss job related areas with you.

Being Injured in Wyoming

On the job injuries occur from time to time and knowing employment law in Wyoming will help you know how to handle them. After being injured on the job your employer is required to pay all medical fees for the injury that occurred on the job. They are also required to pay for any rehabilitation that you have to go through as well as temporary or permanent disability. These benefits will help ensure that you and your family are not forced to pay for the cost of an injury that would not have occurred if not for your employer.

Termination in Wyoming

In Wyoming individuals can only be terminated for failing to do their job properly. An individual cannot be terminated because of their age, pregnancy, or taking the 12 weeks of family and medical leave provided them by law. Employees can also not be terminated for speaking out against the company for filing a complaint against the company for unsafe or discriminatory practices.

After termination most employees are eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits will often provide you and your family with a stable weekly income to help while you search for a job. They will also provide medical coverage for you, your spouse, and any qualifying children that you have.

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