Employment in Wisconsin

The employment law in Wisconsin helps individuals get the benefits and treatment that they deserve. These laws prevent employers from taking advantage of their workers or imposing unfair rules that could lead to physical or emotional injury. Understanding the employment laws in your state will help you protect yourself from employers who refuse to follow the law.

Harassment in the Workplace

Employment law in Wisconsin guarantees that workers should have an environment that is emotionally healthy for them. No worker should be subjected to harassment in the form of hostility or sexual behavior. Any employee that is subjected to open hostility or physical and verbal sexual harassment should consult an attorney immediately. In most cases the state of Wisconsin will help provide counseling to get the matter resolved.

Workplace Safety

The state of Wisconsin also requires employers to provide all employees with a safe workplace. A workplace should be free from all hazards and the state does everything in its power to see that the workplace remains safe. The state of Wisconsin provides outreach programs and consultants to help maintain the safety of all employees.

Workplace Injuries

The employment law in Wisconsin also helps protect individuals from being forced to pay for injuries that occurred at the workplace. The employment law requires employers to pay for all medical treatment needed after a workplace injury. This includes employees that work as domestic servants, volunteers, and even religious workers. In addition to covering basic medical costs compensation is required for partial, total, temporary, and permanent disability.

Wrongful Termination in Wisconsin

Employers in Wisconsin cannot terminate employees without just cause. Employees can only be terminated for violating company policies that have been established and made available to them. Employers cannot terminate employees for personal reasons such as retaliation for an act real or imaged against a company, personal medical issues, sexual orientation, religion, race, and anything else that does not affect their job performance.

Unemployment Compensation

Employment law in Wisconsin gives individuals who have been terminated the right to receive monetary compensation. In order to be eligible they must have been terminated from a job or received a severe reduction in hours. Individuals applying for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin will not know whether or not they receive them until after they have filed a claim. It usually takes one day to determine whether or not you will receive unemployment compensation and how much compensation you will receive if eligible.

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