Employment in Texas

The employment law in Texas was established to make sure that all individuals working in Texas were adequately protected and represented. These laws have been put in place to prevent workers from being taken advantage of, or discriminated by, employers. Understanding the employment laws in your state will help you protect yourself from those immoral employers that refuse to follow the law

Texas Harassment Laws

Part of the employment law in Texas is designed to guarantee that workers have an emotionally safe, non-hostile, work environment. Thanks to the employment laws employers are prevented from treating their employees in a brutal, openly threatening manner. This includes refraining from cruel punishments, public humiliation, strong language, and anything else that is unprofessional and unacceptable.

It also prevents workers from being subjected to any form of sexual abuse. This includes physical sexual abuse and verbal sexual abuse including rude comments or lewd suggestions. When these harassment laws are violated the state of Texas will help victims seek counseling and legal advice since seeking an attorney is strongly advised by the employment law in Texas.

Workplace Safety

State law also guarantees the physical well being of Texas employees. Workers are not required to work in unsafe locations. The Texas Workers' Health and Safety Division was established to assist employers with the task of keeping their businesses up to standard.

This division provides advice and suggestions for improving hazardous areas. If employees are still not satisfied with their work conditions they are encouraged to complain by using anonymous tip lines. It is against the employment law of Texas for employers attempt to retaliate against workers who complain about unsafe work conditions.

Workplace Injuries

The employment law in Texas also helps protect individuals from being forced to pay for their work injuries out of pocket or using their own, private, insurance. The employment law requires employers to pay for all medical treatment needed after a workplace injury. In addition to covering the initial medical costs the employees receive additional benefits that are between 70% and 75% of their weekly wage. The total benefits that they receive cannot exceed more than their previous years earning. In return for providing speedy workers compensation assistance Texas employers are absolved of all negligence responsibilities.

Wrongful Termination in Texas

Employers in Texas cannot terminate employees without just cause. Employees can only be terminated for violating company policies that have been established, not company policies that were made up solely to punish the employee being terminated. Employers cannot terminate employees for personal reasons such as retaliation for an act such as refusing to commit a crime.

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