Employment in Tennessee

Being aware of, and understanding, the employment law in Tennessee can help to ensure that you are always fairly treated by your employer. If you do not make yourself aware of the employment laws in Tennessee then you might be misused or mistreated in an illegal manner without even being aware what has happened. While many Tennessee employers treat their employees well there are others that are ready to take advantage of anyone that does not the employment laws in Tennessee.

Tennessee Employment Hiring Laws

There are employment laws in Tennessee designed to help keep all hiring practices equal and nondiscriminatory. These laws are designed to help Tennessee business owners hire the employee best suited for the job. By sticking to the employment laws for hiring a Tennessee employer will not be able to ask questions that will lead to judgments based entirely on personal beliefs.

All candidates interviewed for a position can only be asked questions that will give an employer an idea of how they will perform on the job. They will be asked if they can work in certain conditions, if they are eligible to work in the country, and similar questions pertaining to the job at hand. An employee candidate should never be asked about their personal life such as boyfriends or girlfriends, affiliations, and even age.

Tennessee Employment Contracts

Employers in Tennessee have the right to create contracts for their employees. These contracts specify the company's rules and regulations including, but not limited to, dress codes, reasons for termination, attendance policy, and more. If an employee in Tennessee does not receive a contract then they must assume that the company is operating under an "at will" contract.

An "at will" contract is one that allows the employer to terminate employment with any person as long as they have reasonable cause. If the employer does not have grounds for termination they cannot use personal reasons or spite to get rid of an employee. Employment law in Tennessee makes it clear that termination can only occur with cause.

Employee Safety Laws

The state of Tennessee requires that all employers provide their employees with a safe work environment. The employer must do everything in their power to remove all safety hazards as soon as they become aware of them. Employees have the right to anonymously complain about any hazards that remain unfixed without fear or retribution.

If an employee is injured at the job the employer is required to pay for their medical expense and compensate them for time missed from work. The employer is also required to report all accidents that occur. In addition to reporting injuries the employers in Tennessee are required to immediately report any deaths that take place on a job site, and major equipment malfunctions or failures.

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