Employment in South Dakota

Workplace injuries are not as uncommon as many of us would like to believe. Everyday workers are hurt while performing their everyday job functions. While most injured individuals know that an employer will pay for their injuries they do not know how much they are entitled to. Many people are satisfied to get their medical bills taken care of and expect nothing else. Knowing the workplace injury employment law in South Dakota will help ensure that you and your family get the support that you are guaranteed by law.

Workers Compensation Program in South Dakota

In the state of South Dakota the workers compensation the Bureau of Personnel manages program. This Bureau works hard to make sure that you are fairly treated while you deal with your injury. You are guaranteed the right to choose your own primary physician and are not obligated to go to one that your employer picks. Your employer will pay all of your medical treatments for.

Temporary Total Disability in South Dakota

There are some injuries such as broken hands, fingers, and more that require treatment and a few days off of work. Many workers are happy to take the time off of work and expect to use their paid time off to cover any missed hours. They do not realize that their company might be obligated to pay for their time missed from work if they are forced to stay home for more than seven days. If an individual has to stay home for more than seven days then they are eligible to receive 66% of their weekly wages.

Permanent Total and Partial Disability

Once you have been forced to stay out of work for a long period of time you will be able to receive benefits for the duration of your absence. Expect to receive 66 2/3% of your weekly wages while you are disabled. Remember, this does not go into effect after you have missed at least 7 days of work and your employer is still required to pay for all of your medical costs in addition to paying your disability wages.

Disfigurement Benefits

In some cases an injury is so severe that the employee is disfigured. The exact conditions for disfigurement benefits are often determined by the workers compensation and must be reported by your treating physician. If an employee is considered to be disfigured they will receive benefits for 312 weeks with the percentage of their wage being determined by the level of disfigurement.

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