Employment in Rhode Island

Paying for any injury or illness out of pocket can be extremely expensive even if you have insurance. Co-payments and lab fees add up overtime especially when the illness or injury is unexpected. The next time you get injured at work make sure you are aware of the employment law in Rhode Island. Knowing the employment law will help ensure that you get the coverage and compensation that you deserve. Delays could result in your family going through unnecessary financial hardship in addition to the emotional hardship caused by your injury.

Rhode Island Workplace Injuries

The state has established Rhode Island workers compensation insurance programs that can compensate employees for any injuries that occur at work. These programs are also designed to help compensate the dependents of any employees who are killed during work related accidents. Thanks to these programs the employment law in Rhode Island guarantees that the employer will pay all medical bills. T

Total and Partial Disability Benefits

In addition to paying for all medical treatment Rhode Island employers are responsible for compensating the employee for lost wages. These wages are determined by the extent of the injury and the amount of work missed. Benefits do not usually start until after an employee has missed three consecutive days of work because of their injury.

Once three days of work have been missed and you are found to be totally disabled the employer is required to pay 75% of your base wage. This percentage is only given to those who will be unable to earn a wage because of their injury or disfigurement. Partial disability is available to those who are no longer able to earn a full wage but are not completely disabled.

These benefits are to be paid weekly and usually start on the fourth day of an injury. Applying for these benefits as soon as possible is recommended since there might be a delay in receiving the first weekly wage.

Dependent Coverage

If an employee is seriously injured and later dies then their dependents can receive compensation. The state of Rhode Island guarantees benefits to the survivors of a killed worker by the workers employer. The survivors compensated are usually the spouse and any children the employee had. Each dependent receives $40.00 per week if a worker is killed. In the event that a worker has been totally disabled it is sometimes possible for the family to receive $15.00 per week per dependent.

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