Employment in Oklahoma

There are many workers in Oklahoma who have been injured on the job. In the majority of these cases the injured worker was only able to claim a fraction of the benefits available for them. This usually happens because workers are not aware of employment law in their state making it difficult for them to find out how to be properly compensated for their suffering.

It is possible to go to an attorney to seek advice but many hard workers are afraid to do this for fear of loosing their jobs. Knowing the basics of workplace safety will help you learn the right way to get compensated after a work related injury.

Oklahoma's Workplace Safety

The employment law in Oklahoma requires that employers provide their employees with a workplace that is safe for them. These workplaces are supposed to be reasonably free of hazards and it is possible and employers are encouraged to perform check ups and routine maintenance.

In order to give employees a chance to speak out against unsafe work places Oklahoma encourages employees to make anonymous complaints to state and federal agencies about work hazards. This anonymous complaint system helps the state of Oklahoma keep track of unsafe work places without putting the employees in a difficult situation with their employers.

When Workplace Injuries Occur?

Even with employees being able to complain about safety hazards anonymously accidents do still occur. When an employee is injured at a business that has gone through consultation and when they do occur employment law in Oklahoma requires the employer to provide workers compensation insurance. This Oklahoma workers compensation insurance is available to the employee if they work part time or are brand new to the company.

Workers Compensation Coverage

If you are injured your employer or its workers compensation insurance company must pay for all treatment that is considered medically necessary. In most cases it is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Some companies or workers compensation companies have a window of time for treatment. This is done to ensure that they are only paying for treatment directly related to your work place injury. You are also eligible to receive disability payment if you miss more than three calendar days of work as a result of your injury. If the injury is fatal then all dependents will receive a lump sum settlement and weekly benefits that must be provided by your Oklahoma employer.

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