Employment in Ohio

There are many people who believe learning the employment law in Ohio is a complete waste of time. Why worry about state laws if you have already managed to secure a job? The reason everyone in Ohio should take the time to familiarize himself or herself with employment law is that their knowledge will help them avoid wrongful termination in the future.

Recognizing Early Departures From Employment Law

When you are aware of employment law in Ohio you will be able to spot illegal practices almost immediately. Many companies that refuse to follow the state employment laws or who simply are unaware of them will start violating the guidelines almost immediately. During your interview always be on the look out for questions that have nothing to do with the position you are applying for.

Ohio employers are not allowed to ask potential employees about personal details that have nothing to do with their job. If your potential employer asks you whether you are married or are planning to get married be concerned. This might be an innocent question but if your employer does not know, or does not care, that this line of questioning is inappropriate and illegal they may commit other acts that violate employment law in Ohio.

Discriminating Promotion Practices

Most people do not think twice when a fellow employee is promoted. However, if you are a resident of Ohio and an individual who you feel is less qualified than you suddenly gets promoted think of all of the reasons why you were not promoted. Employers cannot use personal characteristics to overlook employees for promotion. This includes marriage, religion, or pregnancy.

Wrongful Termination in Ohio

It is not uncommon for companies to let employees go from time to time. This happens for a variety of reasons that sometimes have nothing to do with the employees themselves. In most cases the employer will explain to their employees why they are getting let go and the reasons will usually be outlined in writing.

If you are being let go for absolutely no reason that you can think of then you might be the victim of a wrongful termination. Ohio employment law does not allow individuals to be terminated for reasons such as race, religion, or again pregnancy. Pregnancy is a reason that many women are wrongfully terminated since some employers do not want to pay for maternity leave or hold a job for a pregnant woman. While this practice might seem economically sound it is extremely illegal.

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